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“Mutually erotic storytelling…” —

“For those of you who miss ‘Red Shoes Diaries…” — Gabe Toro,

“Quietly trailblazing…” — Village Voice

“Cerebrally erotic, beautifully executed…” — Jean Paul Polonais,

Interview (The Moveable Fest): Natalie Zea on Finding Her Voice in “Sweet Talk”

When Terri Hanauer was looking for an actress with ability to look the part of a countess in 1930s Budapest, a WWII Viennese nurse, and a modern-day phone sex operator who could exude both both the frustration and seductive charm in creating such fantasies for her clients, it wasn’t long before Natalie Zea’s name came up. more…
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It wouldn’t seem that a film about a phone sex hotline could be so imaginative and creative but Sweet Talk: An Unexpected Love Story manages to be just that. more…

DEADLINE.COM: Specialty B.O. Preview: ‘The Crash Reel’, ‘Here Comes The Devil’, ‘Liv & Ingmar’, ‘Sweet Talk’

…And Sweet Talk will open in downtown L.A. Friday, followed quickly by a VOD launch. more…

CRAVE ONLINE.COM: Interview with Natalie Zea by Fred Topel

crave online…Zea has a movie coming out this month so it seemed like a good time to catch up on both of her current shows, though that didn’t go entirely according to plan. In Sweet Talk, Zea plays Delilah, a phone sex operator, who entertains a customer named Samson’s (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) desire to tell each other longform stories. more…

POPsessions: ‘Sweet Talk’ Star Natalie Zea Is Still Hopelessly Devoted to Someone

Natalie Zea is no stranger to pushing boundaries, having starred on TV’s “Dirty Sexy Money” and “Hung,” but her role as a phone-sex operator in the new indie drama “Sweet Talk,” available on VOD on Dec. 15, presented a new challenge. Not the sex part, but the phone. more…

MOVIEWEB.COM: EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Zea Talks Sweet Talk

Natalie Zea is having one hell of a 2013, shining in hit TV shows such as Justified, The Following, Under the Dome and even shooting a new Amazon Studios pilot entitled The Rebels. If that wasn’t enough for one year, the talented actress also stars in the unique and compelling indie drama Sweet Talk, which debuts in limited release December 13 before arriving on VOD formats December 15. more…

JOBLO.COM: The Hottie Stop interviews The Following and Sweet Talk star Natalie Zea

Natalie ZeaYou’ve no doubt seen the lovely Natalie Zea somewhere in your roster of TV shows. The prolific actress has been a part of many high-profile series, including Passions, The Shield, Eyes, Dirty Sexy Money, Hung, Californication, The Following, Under the Dome, and my personal favorite, Justified. It would be pretty hard to avoid Ms. Zea on the boob tube and now she’s making a case to be seen in features (we’ll watch you in anything, Natalie, it’s all good) with her latest film, the Red Shoe Diaries-esque SWEET TALK, where she plays a phone sex operator who takes part in some rather elaborate fantasy role-playing with a male caller. more…

KSKE Ski Country Radio – Vail Colorado Interview of
Terri Hanauer

      Vail Film Festival Radio Interview

Popcorn & Vodka Interview with Terri Hanauer

“1Q: Tell us a little about the origins of SWEET TALK, from concept to financing.”

“The screenwriter, Peter Lefcourt, and I wanted to work together as I had directed one of his plays to great success in LA. He wrote “Sweet Talk” and it was something we felt we could do on our own. We met with Linda L. Miller, the producer and she…” >> more

Popcorn & Vodka Review of Sweet Talk

“’A funny thing happened to me on the way to Vienna,’ says Samson (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) towards the end of SWEET TALK. Yeah, he unexpectedly fell in love over a phone sex hotline, at the same time the audience falls in love with an unexpectedly charming, over the top romantic, and dangerously sexy film. I was totally caught off guard with this movie; having been lured in with the promise of a film about phone sex, instead I became the victim of a bait and switch with a film I could easily and happily play on a 24/7 loop at home. [Note: Not until after I published this did I notice the tag line “An unexpected love story”… Perfect!]” >> more