Jeffrey Vincent Parise

Jeffrey Vincent PariseSamson

Jeffrey Vincent Parise is a true renaissance artist with dashing movie star looks. As an award winning chameleon actor of film, television and stage, he is known for his range and versatility and has appeared as a wide variety of different characters on top television shows such as CSI, Party Down, Castle, Jericho as well as CSI: NY, in which he appeared as 2 different characters, 5 years apart. In film he has worked on three occasions with legendary filmmaker Wim Wenders, including DON’T COME KNOCKING, written by and starring Sam Sheppard.

Parise has starred in numerous independent films playing enigmatic and eccentric characters. For his portrayal in CALLBACK; THE UNMAKING OF BLOODSTAIN, Parise took home 3 “Best Actor” awards from various festivals.

In the film SWEET TALK, Parise stars opposite Natalie Zea as a struggling writer with an extremely active imagination and propensity for storytelling. SWEET TALK was written by the award winning playwright and novelist Peter Lefcourt and directed by award winning Terri Hanauer.

Parise is an accomplished painter, who continues to exhibited his works in Los Angles galleries and art/music festivals throughout California. The book Jeffrey Vincent Parise; A Decade of Paintings 2000-2010 was published by White Crow Publishing in 2010. Along with presenting the reader with over 200 full color works by Parise, the book offers a unique perspective into the painter/sitter relationship by way of written testimony from the sitters and Parise himself. Parise is also an accomplished percussionist, playing with a wide range of musicians all throughout Los Angeles and at music/art festivals around the world. He placed 3rd on last season’s America’s Got Talent, playing the unique “drumbrella” instrument with The William Earth Harp ensemble.

Parise can currently be seen on General Hospital playing the dashing Carlos Rivera, a hustler from a crime family background. He is currently based in LA.